Sanctum Theatre | Zero Projects
Sanctum Theatre is a Melbourne-based visual performance ensemble presenting folk theatre in everyday spaces since 2006.
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fire2Zero Projects

In a Zero Project Sanctum Theatre works with communities to devise performances in everyday spaces. We use bodies and shadows, sound and light, as well as puppets and masks made from reclaimed and natural materials. In a Zero Project we build something from nothing and nothing from something. We re-animate and re-mystify local landscapes in the communal imagination.

Participants of Zero Projects are challenged in a nurturing space to achieve what they think is not possible. Limitations are obliterated. Audiences of Zero Projects are immersed in anti-spectacle. We are transformed together.

Zero Projects were born in 2009 when Sanctum Theatre set out to create a new work every month. That year Sanctum Theatre presented Wealth of Nations, bower: family portrait and flight in everyday spaces in Brunswick and Northcote – a burnt-out factory, a vacant lot, an old homestead and the artist’s home. Then in 2010 Sanctum Theatre filmed the ferryman and his wife in one month in residence at the Montsalvat artist colony. This was a Zero Project in film.

Sanctum Theatre was awarded an honourary mention at the Victorian Government Live Local Awards for their Enchanted Ark zero project at Hawthorn Community House in 2010.

To book a Zero Project for your community please contact Lachlan Plain on (+61) 432 103 538 or