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Sanctum Theatre is a Melbourne-based visual performance ensemble presenting folk theatre in everyday spaces since 2006.
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Partner Artists & Companies

Magic Lantern Studio is a space where a number of projects intersect.  We run visual art and puppetry workshops, put on performances and produce artworks, murals and puppets on commission.

Magic Lantern Studio has collaborated with Sanctum Theatre since 2013 to devise Magic Lantern Traveling Puppet Theatre shows such as Otto Learns to Fly and Life is a Carousel; as well as roving acts such as Pigsy and Ol’ Pete. The partnership grew out of the artistic affinity between Lachlan Plain of Sanctum Theatre and Gonzalo Varela from Magic Lantern.

Lachlan Plain Studios

I create street art, mural art and public art for individuals and businesses, as well as government and community-based clients. I have written a book, The Lost Journals of Pedro Piscator (Impress Prize 2012) and am artistic director of Sanctum Theatre.

Colleen Burke

Colleen Burke is a Melbourne artist and creator of The Skulls, a morbidly raucous roving musical act for festivals, gigs, street parades, cabaret and theatre. The Skulls consists of six award-winning performers who smash circus, puppetry, magic and theatre with a deadly live soundtrack.

Colleen has worked with Sanctum Theatre since 2009 when Sanctum Theatre produced her show, flight, in her house. Colleen has worked with Sanctum Theatre’s artistic director, Lachlan Plain, on various other public art projects.

The Skulls. Presented by Colleen Burke.
Australian Pacific Arts Network