Sanctum Studio | Robot Monkey & Blue Caterpillar
Sanctum Theatre is a Melbourne-based visual performance ensemble presenting folk theatre in everyday spaces since 2006.
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Sanctum Studio - Blue Caterpillar Sanctum Studio - Robot Monkey Sanctum Studio - Blue Caterpillar Sanctum Studio - Robot Monkey Sanctum Studio - Robot Monkey and Blue Caterpillar

Robot Monkey & Blue Caterpillar

Step aside, make way for the towering Blue Caterpillar. And look out for the impish Robot Monkey tagging along, disrupting the proceedings. These two puppets were created by Fusion Theatre and Sanctum Studio for The Beginning of Everything (2019). The roving act is performed by puppeteers from both companies.

For costings, bookings and further information please call Lachlan Plain on (+61) 432 103 538 or email us.


Roving Act

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