Sanctum Theatre | 19 Aug – 23 Sept 2021, ‘The Authors’: A Series of Book Readings
Sanctum Theatre is a Melbourne-based visual performance ensemble presenting folk theatre in everyday spaces since 2006.
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19 Aug – 23 Sept 2021, ‘The Authors’: A Series of Book Readings

The Authors, Lachlan Plain

Join us for a glass of wine as Lachlan Plain and Jasmine Powell read from Lachlan’s unpublished manuscript, The Authors. Every Thursday evening for six weeks, (or until the book is finished.) Questions, feedback and discussion welcome.

9 Aug – 23 Sept 2021

7 – 9PM, every Thursday night

Address: Sanctum Studio, 6/183 Para Rd Greensborough


Nibbles provided. Drinks by donation.


In a hexagonal hall in a tower on an island in the Pacific, thirty men sit at thirty desks. The space is lined with overflowing filing cabinets and teetering piles of unsorted texts. Gulls screech in the rafters and defecate on the men below as they write their world into being.

A cloud of birds take wing in search of their king. A Spanish merchant is set adrift on a crewless vessel in uncharted waters. A child attempts to breach the walls of the island. The cleaner escapes the island on the supply ship. An author finds love on a neighbouring island. And the island’s fragile equilibrium is thrown out of kilter by a mutinous murder.

Yet does anything actually exist beyond the mist which envelopes the island? And who are those figures that pass perpetually back and forth on that distant parapet, obscured by fog?

The Authors is a semi-autobiographical study in being – a tour through the catacombs of our collective subconscious, exploring themes of metamorphosis, memory, meaning and madness.

The Authors is a deeply personal dystopia, going beyond ideas of identity and the ownership of narrative, to depict the creation and dissolution of self.

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