Sanctum Theatre | 25 Sept – 10 Oct 2021, Naughty See Monkey: Boat to Hades (exhibition)
Sanctum Theatre is a Melbourne-based visual performance ensemble presenting folk theatre in everyday spaces since 2006.
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25 Sept – 10 Oct 2021, Naughty See Monkey: Boat to Hades (exhibition)

Naughty See Monkey

Naughty See Monkey

In an era where a lot of twaddle is talked about art, Naughty’s works simply delight the eye and stimulate the imagination. They are pure visual art. Each work is a world in microcosm, where imaginative shapes, figures and animals are viewed through a sort of kaleidoscope that tumbles them together so that each viewer sees different things, different stories and meanings. Many feel like painted mosaics; the figures are broken into fractal pieces which are frozen within the canvas, and yet still move, dance and tumble in play.” Peter Morrison, 2019

Naughty See Monkey has been an exhibiting artist for more than thirty-five years. He has had a highly independent career in the Visual Arts, including performance art, theatre, teaching, sculpture, ephemeral works, printmaking, drawing, painting and mixed media. Studio resident and coordinating committee member of Roar Studios in Fitzroy, Melbourne from 1991 to 1996.

25 September – 10 October 2021

Opening: 2 – 4PM, Saturday 25th September 2021

Opening hours: 11AM – 4PM, Wednesday – Sunday

Address: Sanctum Studio, 6/183 Para Rd Greensborough

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